class Message(object)

A message being exchanged in a chat


  • chat: Chat object. The chat the message belongs to
  • mid: unicode. The ID of the message
  • from_user: User object. The user who sent the message
  • timestamp: integer (UTC timestamp - number of milliseconds since Jan 1, 1970). The timestamp of the message
  • tstamp_date: datetime. The timestamp of the message as a datetime object
  • is_alert: boolean. Whether this is an alert message
  • alert_type: AlertType. Type of alert (e.g. alert, announcement, note)
  • reply_to: unicode, default None. The ID of another message, this is a reply to
  • msg: unicode, can be None. The text body of the message
  • attachments: list of Attachment objects, can be None. A list of attachments
  • deleted: boolean. Whether the message has been deleted by the sender
  • sender_display_name: unicode. A string representing an external sender name. If set, clients will show this as the sender name, instead of the bot name