class Permissions(object)

The Permissions class exposes the permissions and settings set for SDK clients in the App Settings panel of the Teamwire Administration dashboard.


  • attachments_allowed: boolean. Whether sending attachments is allowed
  • calendar_attachments_allowed: boolean. Whether sending calendar attachments is allowed
  • location_attachments_allowed: boolean. Whether sending location attachments is allowed
  • sound_attachments_allowed: boolean. Whether sending sound attachments is allowed
  • picture_attachments_allowed: boolean. Whether sending picture attachments is allowed
  • video_attachments_allowed: boolean. Whether sending video attachments is allowed
  • poll_attachments_allowed: boolean. Whether sending poll attachments is allowed
  • file_attachments_allowed: boolean. Whether sending file attachments is allowed
  • editing_members_allowed: boolean. Whether adding or removing chat members is allowed
  • leave_chat_allowed: boolean. Whether leaving a chat is allowed
  • close_chats_allowed: boolean. Whether closing a chat is allowed
  • alerting_enabled: boolean. Whether creating alert chats or sending alert messages is allowed
  • retention_period: integer or None. If not None, the maximum messages retention period in days
  • notification_preview_allowed: boolean. Whether a message preview should be included in notifications
  • disable_read_receipts_allowed: boolean. Whether the bot can disable sending read-receipts notifications to other clients
  • max_chat_members: integer. Maximum number of allowed members for new chats (default: 2500)