Welcome to the Teamwire SDK

Teamwire SDK Overview

The Teamwire SDK is a Python library for making Teamwire bots. Connect to any API service in your ecosystem, send alerts triggered by software or hardware, receive messages or respond to user requests. Teamwire bots can do almost everything a Teamwire user can do and more:

  • Create new chats
  • Send and receive messages and attachments (photos, videos, documents, polls...)
  • Receive commands and perform actions
  • Respond to user messages
  • Alert users on external events

Teamwire Bots can be hosted in your server or virtually on any device compatible with Python, such as a Raspberry Pi or a PC stick, opening your organization to the Internet of Things. They can access your databases, connect with your ERP, CRM and analytics, take remote pictures on demand or send alarms triggered by physical sensors, just to mention some cases.

The Teamwire SDK also allows to build proxies between different apps. Check our Web Chat Widget to see how to connect your website with Teamwire or the Whatsapp bot so users can interact with Teamwire via Whatsapp For Business.

Have a look to some common use cases to inspire your creativity or get started building bots with our resources for developers.