API Changelog

Release 1.6.0 - Mar 29, 2023 - API 17

Additions and Improvements

  • Added support for sending and receiving attention messages with attachments
  • Added support for generating link previews from URLs in attention messages
  • Fixed handling of messages from disabled users
  • Minor bug fixes

Release 1.5.0 - Jan 25, 2022 - API 15

Announcing End Of Life for Python v3.5

With Teamwire SDK v1.5.0, compatibility with the Python 3.5 package has been removed.

Adding support for Python v3.9

With Teamwire SDK v1.5.0, compatibility with the Python 3.9 package has been added.

Features and Changes

  • Drop support for package Python v3.5
  • Adding support for package Python v3.9

Additions and Improvements

  • Added new custom SDK user agent
  • Remove depricated/unnecessary params during quering the notifications end point
  • Fixed attention messages on Echo bot example
  • Added new users.full_query() function, that returns a list of matching users
  • Deprecate users.query() function in favour of users.full_query() function

Release 1.4.0 - July 12, 2021 - API 15

Announcing End Of Life for Python v3.5

Teamwire SDK v1.4.0 still provides a package compatible with Python 3.5, which will not be included anymore in future releases

Features and Changes

  • Added support for sending and receiving attention messages (Notes and Announcements)
  • Added support for sending and receiving attention message reactions
  • Enabled discrimination between 1:1 and group chats
  • Added Chats.create_one2one_chat() method
  • Added support for the Dashboard feature "Force Contacts Synchronisation"
  • Exposed MessageReadInfo object for MESSAGE_READ events
  • Added attention_messages.py example to showcase attention messages and reactions usage
  • Minor bug fixes

Release 1.3.1 - December 16, 2020 - API 14

Additions and Improvements

  • Added missing editor field to ChatChangeInfo object for CHAT_CREATE event
  • Fixed bug about LDAP-based circles not being correctly recognised
  • Fixed bug related to wrong retention policy handling

Release 1.3 - October 27, 2020 - API 14

Python v3.5 deprecation

Teamwire SDK v1.3 deprecates the usage of Python 3.5, which reached end-of-support status. This release provides official support for Python 3.7, while still including a Python 3.5 build, which will be removed in future releases.

Additions and Improvements

  • Enabled up to 2500 members in chats
  • Enabled bots to set a custom sender name (senderDisplayName property) when sending messages
  • Removed in clear notification messages logging
  • Audio, video, image and file attachments can now be created directly from binary data
  • Made HTTP request timeouts configurable through ConnectionConfig
  • Deprecated Attachments.add_*_file() for adding media attachments
  • Fixed issue about retrieving subscriptions for chats with disabled or deleted admin users
  • Minor bug fixes

Release 1.2 - August 24, 2020 - API 14

Additions and Improvements

  • Added user and bot profiles support
  • Added ability for a bot to set and update its own profile
  • Exposed email and phone profile attributes from backend API 14
  • Added User.is_bot attribute to discriminate normal users from bots/API integrations
  • Added support for read-receipt notifications settings
  • Added support for deleted messages
  • Added new MESSAGE_DELETED event type
  • Naming: "Managed" groups are now "Circles", "User" groups are now "Lists"
  • Deprecated the usage of Group.is_managed_group in favour of Group.is_circle 
  • Deprecated the usage of Group.is_user_group in favour of Group.is_list 
  • Added profiles.py example to showcase the usage of user profiles
  • Added bot_profile.py example to show how to set/update the bot's own profile
  • Minor bug fixes

Release 1.1.1 - June 29, 2020 - API 13

Additions and Improvements

  • Fixed bug about users with a null organisation

Release 1.1 - June 16, 2020 - API 13

Additions and Improvements

  • Added live-location attachments support
  • Added new live-location example
  • Minor bug fixes

Release 1.0 - April 3, 2020 - API 13

Additions and Improvements

  • Added the ability to list organisations
  • Added full support for modifying and getting chat settings
  • Added support for setting, removing and loading chat avatars
  • Added support for closing and reopening chats
  • Added support for permissions set on the backend Admin Dashboard
  • Added support for public managed groups
  • Enabled the usage of the messages retention policy
  • Added more examples to showcase SDK usage possibilies
  • Renamed MessageInfo class to Message
  • Introduced the Events.CHAT_ALLOW_SENDING_CHANGED event
  • Introduced the Events.CHAT_IS_CLOSED_CHANGED event
  • Deprecated Chat.pull_chat_feed() in favour of Chat.get_messages()
  • Deprecated User.org_name in favour of User.organisation.name
  • Deprecated GroupType enumeration and Group.type member

Release 0.8 - May 29, 2019 - API 11

Additions and Improvements

  • Added support for "Reply to" messages
  • Added support for creating user groups
  • Improved message synchronisation performance
  • Improved backend API error handling
  • Fixed bug in session keep-alive

Release 0.7 - February 27, 2019 - API 11

  • Added support for Poll Attachments
  • Added support for checking and loading any user's avatar image
  • Added support for setting and removing the bot's avatar image
  • Added bot sample (avatar.py) for showcasing avatar management operations
  • Added the possibility to use coroutines as event handlers
  • Introduced Events.CHAT_TITLE_CHANGED and Events.CHAT_ADMINS_CHANGED events
  • Introduced ConnectionEvents.BACKEND_CONNECTED and ConnectionEvents.BACKEND_DISCONNECTED events
  • Deprecated Events.CHAT_UPDATED event
  • Added missing properties to data passed in chat events (e.g. message timestamp)
  • Exposed actual User objects and deprecated the use of IDs in data passed in chat events
  • Introduced the Connection.exec_async() method to allow executing async tasks on the internal run loop
  • Deprecated Connection.run_task() in favour of Connection.start_notifications()
  • Fixed SIGINT and SIGTERM signal handling

0.6.1 - November 28, 2018 - API v11

  • Fixed file attachments creation and sending

0.6 - November 2, 2018 - API v11

  • Added support for having groups as members of a chat
  • Added support for listing, adding and removing chat members (users and groups)
  • Added support for bots to leave a chat
  • Added support for listing, adding and removing chat administrators
  • Added support for alert chats and messages
  • Improved overall bot stability and capability to recover from loss of connection
  • Added bot sample (managechat.py) for showcasing chat management operations
  • Added support for alert messages in the echo bot sample
  • Updated third party dependencies

0.5 - September 5, 2018 - API v10

  • Added the 'editor' property (ID of the user who performed the operation) to chat events
  • Added support for sending Calendar, Location, Video, and Sound attachments
  • Added support for receiving Calendar, Location, Video, Sound, Gallery and File attachments
  • Updated and improved bot examples
  • Fixed duplicate message reception
  • Fixed loss of connection detection and handling