Use cases

External APIs

With hundred of thousands of public and private APIs around, the possibilities to integrate your Teamwire bot with other systems are unlimited.

From most basic capabilities such as request weather information to most advance enterprise solutions such as SalesForce or SAP, Teamwire bots can be used as a bridge between Teamwire and virtually any system, allowing Teamwire users to run commands for requesting information or run actions.

Your BI can interact with Teamwire bots to keep users up to date of relevant information in real time and perform actions that impact real life.

Relevant conversations around analytics

Give a step forward in your Business Intelligence by starting relevant conversations about data that matters.

Business analytics tools have all the information about your business and can alert you about KPI changes. With Teamwire SDK, now it can also start relevant conversations with the implied users for discussing a topic, send them KPI updates in form of text, pdf reports or graphic images and escalate the issue to others if needed.

On the counterpart, users can ask directly to its BI to keep them updated about changes in specific KPIs, to receive reports on demand or schedule reports generation by the end of the day. As everything happens inside Teamwire, users can easily share their finding with others in new discussions, making the information propagation much easier.

Solutions like SAP Crystal Reports, Splunk, Sisense, SalesForce, etc. are prone to be integrated with Teamwire SDK.

Reports on demand

Organizations on healthcare sector can get proffit of integrating Teamwire SDK in their systems. Doctors can use bots to request patients updated health reports, which are generated in PDF documents and delivered in realtime to doctors. Doctors can this way move freely in the hospital or even when visiting a patient our of the facilities is required, and still have access to important information in place.

Also police forces can easily integrate with different databases through Teamwire SDK, from car plate numbers to criminal databases. Using A.I. and image recognition tools, a police officer can send the picture of a car plate, the bot will convert the picture to text, make the query to the traffic database and then return all the information related to the officer.

Loss Prevention Data policies provided by Teamwire ensure the privacy is safe by limiting what users can do with these files, even when Teamwire is installed on personal devices or if a device with sensible information is stolen.

Hardware buttons builds branded customizable bluetooth buttons that can be connected with Teamwire. These hardware buttons can be sticked anywere and provide a quick way to send a predefined messages to a user or group of users by clicking, double clicking or long clicking them.

Flic buttons connect to a flic hub, an small bluetooth device that does not depend on any smartphone, that supports up to 30 buttons simultaneously and is able to connect to the Internet to communicate with Teamwire through bots.

Pressing a button calls our Teamwire flic-bot, which is able to identify the button that generated the message and deliver it to the recipients. The message is delivered to all users involved, generating a notification in all their devices.

This is a perfect solution for any place where a caller device is required, like hospitals, unatended frontdesks, schools, etc.

External screens

While bots are usually programs without a User Interface, Teamwire bots can be connected to external screens for delivering real time information in different situations: employees at the office, security agents in a command control room, pedrestians in front of a showcase or attendants in your booth.

The ability to remotely update content in large screens allow users to share critical information when required. An screen bot can filter and show on screen only alert messages and other relevant content shared by the users, such as their positions, pictures and so.

Remote camera handling for control and survelliance

Mini computers and standalone devices such as Raspberry Pi and many others are good candidates to host and run Teamwire bots.

Hosting a Teamwire bot in an standalone device, instead of hosting it in the cloud, opens the door to a whole new world of integrated devices.

Users can request a bot to receive pictures on demand from a camera connected to the Raspberry Pi. Also, the bot could send pictures to a group of users when a presence sensor is triggered or when a temperature sensor passes an acceptable threshold in a production line.


If you are interested on developing for Raspberry Pi, read our Raspberry Pi development guide